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turn the music up

The dynamic DJ duo from Atlanta has been rocking the Georgia night scene since half a decade.  


Well know in Georgia due to their unique DJ style, this DJ team is constantly setting the bar high by creating their own remixes, crowd interaction and customizing their music catering to the audience.


They frequently host Bollywood nights and Bollywood themed events around Georgia if they are not performing for private events like weddings, receptions, corporate events to name a few.


Aks being a Punjabi from Bhopal and Sid being a Gujarati from Mumbai, their music selection varies from North Indian, South Indian, Bollywood, Gujarati and even Pop and EDM. 

You can always count on Aks/Sid team to play music that would want you to "Turn the Music UP!"

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Shikhar Shukla

Great DJ's! Both DJ Aks and DJ Sid did an amazing job getting everyone to dance at our reception. Real chill folks, everyone loved their work and danced a lot! 
We'd definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a DJ in Atlanta!

Margi Shah

We had a great time at friends party where DJ Sid rocked the dance floor. Amazingly talented DJ..

Gunjan Karla

Thank you so much Aks and Sid!!! I think Seven Oaks Diwali party ko aapne char chaand laga diye :) :) <3 <3

Shoaib Ali

DJ Sid and AKS did an amazing job with the music and light equipment. The songs were good for the most part and they worked really hard. Thank you so much for DJing our wedding!

Anuradha Sharma

Dj Aks is the best, we had our 25th anniversary celebration and Dj Aks played Excellent upbeat music and put together a killer playlist.she executed the game and music beautifully! Everyone one had great time and non stop dancing i would highly recommend Dj Aks for any social event. We look Forward 
to have her again in our future get together events.

Meenakshi Chug

Best DJ I must say. Love you, you guys were awesome.


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